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EXTRA TOURS Ltd. is Bulgarian tour operator, specialised in inbound tourism. The company is privately owned and was established in 1994.

Our company staff is well experienced in travel business and we are providing all kind of tourist services for groups and individual travellers from the countries of the Far East area, Western Europe as well as from the USA, Canada and Latin America.

Our programs are based on cultural and historical heritage of Bulgaria - one of the oldest European countries, which has been part of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Nowadays the artefacts and monuments from that time can be seen everywhere when travelling through the country. The itineraries offered by EXTRA TOURS are varied and can meet any specific requirements of the clients - we can organise for you or your clients participation to traditional Bulgarian events and festivals.

Besides the tours around Bulgaria, we can organise combined tours in the whole Balkan peninsular area (Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia and Romania).

EXTRA TOURS is member of of the Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, of Bulgarian association of travel agencies (BATA) and of Japan association of travel agencies (JATA).

The end of May and the begining of June is the time when the Valley of roses near the towns of Karlovo and Kazanlak becomes heavy with the fragrance of roses....10-days tour
The remarkable UNESCO sights of Bulgaria and Romania - monasteries, monuments and towns, experienced in 14-days program
Bulgaria and Macedonia - two neighbour countries with rich culture, impressive historic places, remarkable monasteries and nice nature - 12-days journey
An exciting journey back into the centuries, touching the roots of Bulgaria and ancient architectural silhouettes is blended with the modern urban environment.
Our special offers
Visit Transylvania, mostly known as Dracula's homeland but also home to many historic medieval towns and fortified churches built by the Saxons...
Visiting the mysterious medieval towns and castles of Transylvania, the birth place of Vlad Dracula...
The Thracians - the oldest people lived within the present-day Bulgarian lands impress by their original and brilliant culture.
The Bulgarian architectural phenomenon "museum-town" is full of life, harmony and beauty, saved from the Bulgarian National Revival period (19 C.).
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